Written Interview (ENG)
Interview by Steve Bisson Urbanautic, 2019
Interview published in ArtsEquator, 2021

Film Interviews (NL) 
Film interview made by Photo 31 please scroll to 15min to listen to the entire interview. 
Film interview made by the Bijbelsmuseum / Maurice Verburgh Zondvloed
Interview made by filmmaker Marc van Fucht Dutch Doc.
The best of Dutch Documentary Photography 2014. This mini portrait introduces 1 of the 6 nominees of 2014 Dutch Doc Award. 
Interview made for the exhibition ‘On the Move’ at the Stedelijk Museum > On the move

Radio interviews 2019- 2020 (NL) 
Radio interview by Jelly Brouwer on Kunststof
Radio interview by Luuk Heezen on Kunst is Lang 
Radio interview bij Andrea van Pol on Opium

Photo 31 @ NFM