15th of April 2021

A dream comes true! Mynah is back in Singapore. We are finally bringing back the story where it belongs!

The Migrant opens today at Objectifs. Follow a mynah’s journey through local history through Anaïs López’s latest multimedia project. Exploring themes of human-animal relationships, migration, urbanisation, perceptions of the other, and more, catch the exhibition from now till 30 May in the Chapel Gallery.

🐦 Register for the Panel Discussion with Anaïs López, Eefje Blankevoort and Sonny Liew on 19 May:
🐦 Register for the Cross-Media Project Sharing with Anaïs López and Eefje Blankevoort on 20 May:

The Migrant is made possible with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Erasmus Huis, Marinus Plantema Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

© Objectifs

© Objectifs

10th of April 2021

The Sandwich Show on tour through Amsterdam.
Together with Jaap van den Beukel, Reinier Gerritsen and Wil van Iersel we walked through Amsterdam North, South, West, East and Centre.

© Mark Weemen

© Ernst Lalleman

01th of April 2021

Yes it is going to happen! After a turbulent year and rescheduling every venue… The Migrant is officially on its way to Singapore! 🦅

Thanks to the super team: Prospektor and the amazing Laura Verduijn, Kummer & Herrman and the wonderful crew at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film. The opening is planned for 15th of April 2021 at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film. And also a special 🙏 to Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie & Embassy of the Netherlands in Singapore and Brunei.

26th of January 2021

New initiative!
Bringing art to the people during the pandemic!
The Sandwich Show is a photo exhibition on sandwich boards that you can order for the street in front of your house or elsewhere.
In these Corona times, working at home, eating delivered food and in social confinement, four photographers decided to bring you their work offline and tell you the stories behind the photos in person. Photographers Reinier Gerritsen, Jaap van den Beukel, Wil van Iersel en Anaïs López stroll through the city with boards on their chests and backs with two photo exhibitions. When they arrive in your street they form a line and one photographer talks about his work. Then everyone turns around and it’s time for the other exhibition. Then they continue their journey to their next destination.